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Graphics Card failure 7870?

Question asked by jeremystatz on Apr 25, 2017
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First things first, Hardware specs:




WINDOWS 10 (at the time)

Ok, So I was playing Starcraft 2 a week ago, and during a game, the screen freezes, then black-grayed out with vertical green lines. I took it for a crash, and prompting restarted my computer. However, upon reboot, (past BIOS and Windows loading, upon where the login screen should have come up) the display flickered, as if changing resolutions, and blacks out. At first I took it for a driver failure, So I tried to boot into safe mode to roll back the drivers, however before I could get to that, the same problem happened. So then I said screw it, and wiped the drive, installed Windows 7, and tried again to install drivers. However after installing the drivers for the card, the same thing happened. Black screen upon login. I even went as far to install older versions of drivers(14.4, 15.7, 16.1...ect), however that only found a new problem, as now while it shows the login screen it shows tears on it, and upon desktop vertical block lines appear and then the display grays out after a few seconds.

After looking on other forums I have seen I am not the only one with this issue, however, I believe I have eliminated the following as causes: Windows 10 (seeing how a majority of those with the issue were using windows 10 I resolved this by attempting windows 7), Drivers (I still maybe wrong about this, but after trying three different sets of drivers, and uninstalling them in safe mode and making sure nothing was left behind to hinder a new installation I am at a loss for what I maybe doing wrong.), Hardware overheating (I removed the card and cleaned it with compressed air carefully and reinstalled it as a last resort.)

The computer will load the generic PnP display adapter. (thus why I can use the PC to do anything at the moment.) However upon any installation of AMD drivers (whether AMD does it or if I have windows do it, or a third party app) the same issue happens. The newest driver 17.3.1 or any variant of 17, causes the total black out. 14.4, 15.7 and 16.1 all caused the block vertical lines.

I know everything else in my PC is perfectly fine as I haven't come up with any other issues with it. Basically, Have I missed something? Or is the card dead/dying? I have yet to test this card in another computer to see (I would have to mail it to a friend and have them test it)


PS, I was a IT student for some time before this so most computer issues I have run into in the past I've been able to fix on my own...this however has me at a loss.