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Couldn't enable Crossfire in R9 295x2 w/ Razer Core and other eGPU chassis.

Question asked by circuitboard on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by colesdav

Hi, I'm an eGPU fan.

Recently I got a R9 295x2 and mounted it on my Razer Core, ROG XG Station 2, and Akitio Node.

I used external monitor which was 48" UHD TV w/ DisplayPort 1.2 connection.

Tested laptops were these models:

Razer Blade Stealth(UHD, i7, Skylake)

Dell XPS 15 9550(UHD, i7, Skylake) <---CURRENTLY I HAVE

Samsung NT500X5N-X58


*All of the laptops are latest Windows 10 64bit build and using latest BIOS, Thunderbolt NVM Firmware and driver which was provided by OEMs.

The problem I'm facing now is Crossfire availability. In the most of tested laptops, R9 295x2 recognized as dual "R9 200 Series" in Windows Device Manager and latest Radeon Relive 17.4.3 showed 2 R9 200 Series GPUs.

But when I select Crossfire ON in the ReLive Global Settings, the laptop screen blinked for some times and the external monitor turned off for almost 5 seconds and finally both of the screens are turned on, with Radeon ReLive Settings off.

So I opened ReLive Settings again but it showed Crossfire Off.


So I manually added specific applications and games(e.g. 3DMark, Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc) to my own profile and switched its Crossfire mode to application optimized profile but no apps were worked as a Crossfire GPU. Still No.1 GPU is working great but No.2 GPU does not work.


A laptop like Samsung NT500X5N-X58 was even worse than that. It couldn't recognize R9 295x2's second GPU even after installing latest ReLive software and driver.


No eGPU chassis changed those symptoms to normal, so I'd like to get some help about it.