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    AMD Wattman won't save my GPU core clock settings


      Hey, before we start this let me share my information:


      GPU: Sapphire R9 390X


      Windows 10 64 bit

      Radeon Relive version 17.4.3

      DP adapter in use, 144HZ monitor, 1920x1080, made by AOC

      Motherboard: Asus Z-97A

      CPU: Intel 4790K 4.3 ghz

      Powersupply: EVGA 850G2

      Amount of memory installed: 16 GB


      So basically, i have the exact same issue like this person:

      Cant overclock my 390, wattman won't save my settings. Afterburner overclocks force the Core speed to 300Mhz and Memory to 150Mhz.


      I didnt see this go any further, so i thought i'd make my own post. The exact same thing that happened to this person has happened to me, Wattman simply doesnt save my core overclock.

      I had programs like MSI Afterburner, which i deleted thinking it would "disturb" wattman's settings, this didnt help. Ive been looking in to overclocking my GPU but i cant, this is something that needs to be solved since its really important.


      I have already tried doing a clean install of drivers, i have also tried to deleted them with a program called DDU (Display driver unistaller) which hasnt helped much either.