Windows wont load after installing graphics card driver

Discussion created by fred0412 on Apr 25, 2017
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Hi all,


I have been facing a big problem with my desktop recently, which hasnt been fired up for a few months. It worked perfectly since it last loaded up.
It runs Win 7 SP1 with a AMD Radeon HD 5670 graphics card (running at driver v.15.301.1901.0)



(1) When i tried to boot it up last week, it will be stuck at a coloured windows logo with a blue background screen (the blue is different from the blue in screen of death... more like light blue) after the BIOS screen. I tried reboot it in safe mode and the graphics card was recognised correctly. Seeing this, I rebooted the computer and the same problem struck me again.


(2) I then reboot into safe mode again and uninstalled the AMD graphics card from the Device Manger while in safe mode. Windows then booted up as normal with the internal graphics card, but of course it was unbearably slow to do anything and i cant play literally any game.


(3) Running on the internal graphics card, I tried downloading the latest graphics card driver from the AMD website and downloaded AMD Driver Autodetect. It suggested me to download either v15.7xxxxx or a v16.xxxx for my graphics card. I downloaded for my graphics card and upon finishing the process, it asked me to reboot. I rebooted and the same problem in para (1) struck me again.


(4) I repeated what i did in paras (2) and (3), and this time I did not reboot despite the popup. I checked the Device Manager and it showed the AMD card runnning with v.15.301.xxxx (the old driver). I therefore assumed that my graphics card still works. Upon seeing this, I rebooted the computer once again, but the problem in para (1) occurred upon me yet again.


(5) I did what I did in paras (2), (3), (4) for many times and still no luck. The same blue screen with windows logo. Every time I boot up my desktop, I now have to do steps (2) and (3), which takes at least 10-15 minutes. What can I do to fix the problem? Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.