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    black frame on Monitor with A10 APU Win10


      I want to use an A10 -7860K on an ASUS  A88XM-plus Motherboard as a HTPC.

      But I have a significant black bars left and right of he picture. Display is an Optoma Projector with 1280x800 native resolution connected via HDMI. I want to use 1280x720 as this is still very common among german TV-stations.

      Between some restarts when installing "non-whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.4.2-apr11" it was there. Full picture, unscaled every pixel 1:1. So, the hardware is capable of doing this. A few reboots later the image is scaled again.

      There are just very few places where I can do settings which seem to do anything regarding scaling.

      GPU-scaling is off. Scaling mode is set to "full panel" and I have also tried "center" and "preserve aspect ratio". There is no difference between "center" and "full panel" and none of these setting is generating a picture covering the full panel.

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          GPU Scaling is not working correctly in our latest drivers, so roll back to an older driver and you should be okay, try Crimson 17.2.1 or whichever driver you were using previously when it worked as expected.

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              I tried 17.1.2 (which shows up as 16.6.something) and 17.2.1. and 17.4.3.

              Everytime deinstalled the driver in in device manager and all AMD software, reboot and checked the graphic card ist "Microsoft Basic..." and no AMD stuff in System->software, reboot new install.

              I'm giving up!

              With each of the 16.6.x, 17.2.1 or 17.4.3 the behavior regarding the actual resulition is still simply erratic. Maybe it's okay for nower-days high-resolutions for 720p the A10 APU with R7 seems to be no option. The projector is set up to display the resolution coming via HDMI as a pop up.


              1366x768 seems to be the best option though not the native display resolution. At least the black box is vanishing.

              There is no 1280x720 or 720p with the R7, closest is 1280x800.

              Changing from lower resolutions up to 1280x800 (or 1280x720 where the 720 have no meaning anyway) results in a resultion of 1280x800 with a black frame.

              When changing from a higher resolutions down to 1280x800 1280x720 the higher resolution remains unchanged and just the scaling and the black box changes. WTF??



              * This is supported by the display: Checked with the previos PC and a stand-alone BD player which can be configured to dedicated output resulions. The projector is displaying correctly and reporting this resolution.