AMF 1.4.0 crop problem, Is there any example use AMF 1.4.0 do crop ok?

Discussion created by lk_amd on Apr 25, 2017
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Release v1.4.0 · GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/AMF · GitHub

Test Device Radeon RX470,  Driver Version 21.19.519.2.

Windows os type is 64bit System Windows 10 Build 10586.


I use AMF AMFVideoConverter


AMFRect m_rectClient = { m_amfCropX, m_amfCropY, m_amfCropWidth, m_amfCropHeight };
res = m_pConverter->SetProperty(AMF_VIDEO_CONVERTER_OUTPUT_RECT, m_rectClient);
res = m_pConverter->SetProperty(AMF_VIDEO_CONVERTER_OUTPUT_SIZE, AMFConstructSize(m_amfCropWidth, m_amfCropHeight));


before SubmitInput  is use  SetCrop( m_amfCropX, m_amfCropY, m_amfCropWidth, m_amfCropHeight) for ther converter input surface


but only work good, with    960, 540, 960, 540

not work with 32, 32, 1888, 1048




Is this a API use wrong, or Driver issue?

Please Help,

Yours LK