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Not able to install amd graphics drivers.

Question asked by playoftheyear on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2017 by playoftheyear

I get tired of trying different methods.

Case: fresh windows 8 install on a Samsung laptop mode NP350V5C-T01US. An intel HD 4000 and Amd radeon HD 7730m device.

Samsung software has installed all but the amd package, because everytime I try to, my screen goes black and when I restart I get a black screen flashing to another black screen every few seconds. Then I have to boot from disc and system restore.

Tried: reinstalling windows 8 then windows 8.1, back to windows 8 again. Tried combination of Samsung software drivers thinking they got mixed up, because some documentation for the intel package does not state is compatible with series 3 i7, but only series 2. Tried many so called compatible amd drivers from amd website. Radeon and CCC. SFC, chdsk, DISM, mem mgmt, etc etc.

I tried windows drivers alone and then also after samsung update. I notice WDDM 1.3 is driver for intel, and WDDM is 1.2 for AMD, probably a conflict.

But to be completely safe and orderly about this, I am attempting to uninstall AMD drivers, then uninstall Intel drivers, then restart and install INtel then AMD in that order. But, when I try do this the device manager always updates , at least the intel driver back to working order and also re detects the AMD driver but is disabled. SO I want to run laptop in 640 480 or whatever but I cannot seem to do so.

Can anyone help me? thanks