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After installing latest driver World of Tanks game couldnt load up to start in my PC Radeon 7800

Question asked by ozgen on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by ysxj001

AMD7800 Gr.Card on Win7 64 b. PC after Radeon settings warning new driver available, I update to 17.4.3 from 16.12.2. Then everything seemed normal despite I  shutdown and start during the day, both PC and World of Tanks game.After nightly shut down, I started my PC at morning but World of Tanks game program loading window gets disappearing in 1 second after I click play button on game update check window. Whatever I did no use.Always program loading window disappears and no WOT game at all. Only Win 7 recover to a recent date solved my problem. Now Radeon has 16.12.2 driver and all seems normal. Can you please define what happened to my game? Do you have any info about such problem with newest driver?

Thank you.