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1600X High Temps with Liquid Cooler

Question asked by omally on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by mistered

I built a system for a friend over the weekend, and I'm having a problem with temps on the CPU.  I put a Ryzen 1600X onto an MSI Tomahawk B350 board and attached a CoolerMaster MasterLiquid 240. The radiator is mounted to the front of a Phanteks Eclipse P400, with the 2x 120mm fans pulling air in.  I have a third 120mm fan mounted below the radiator, also pulling in.  There's a 120 at the back an 1 on top, both pushing air out.  I also have an XFX 480 card installed.  No 3.5" drives, so there's nothing obstructing air flow inside the case.


My problem is that the liquid cooler isn't keeping the CPU nearly as cold as I feel it should be.  And that brings up my first question - the MSI utility and HWMon both show the CPU idling at around 55-60 degrees, and getting up to 70-80 degrees under load.  After I picked my jaw up off the floor I downloaded the Ryzen Master program, and it shows temps 15-20 degrees less, with the CPU idling around 40-45 and peaking at 55-65.  So which is right? I read that the Ryzen 1700 chips can advertise temps 20 degrees higher than they actually are - is this happening with Ryzen 5, too?  Should the Ryzen Master temps be the only ones I'm concerned with?


And that brings me to my core issue. Even if we go with the Ryzen Master temps, 40-45 degrees seems too high for a liquid cooler. I've already reseated it with fresh thermal paste to no real effect, and I've tried running it with the fans at 100%, also with no real change.  I've run it with the case open, and with a desk fan blowing at high directly onto the CPU and GPU, again with no real drop in temps.  Should I just resign myself to these temps, or is there something else I can do?  Thanks in advance!