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    Need to Upgrade Graphics Card


      I Have a Radeon HD 8470.I would like a Graphics Card similar to the size of Radeon HD 8470 and also work way better.I Do not know much about about PC's but I want to be able to run Games like GTA V,H1Z1,Battlegrounds,etc. at least at medium settings at 50-60fps.Thanks


      Processor:AMD A10-6700 APU With Radeon(tm) HD Graphics   3.70GHz

      Installed Ram:64-Bit operating system, x64-based processor

      8 gb or ram

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          somthing like an rx 460 would be powerfull enough or gtx 1050 id say the 460 the better buy but if you need low profile card ive not seen any lowprofile 460s  but gtx 1050 comes in low profile but bo these cards take up a duble pci slot in case wat is space restiction an how much watage is psu