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AMD display driver stopped responding (HD 6870)

Question asked by tonysharp on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by daggerfall

AMD display driver stopped responding and has recovered

There goes to waste an hour of my effort

Because it stops responding again, no more cheers

And again and again till the blue screen appears



It stops responding in the middle of the game

Screen black, hero dead, who is to blame?

I want to tear my graphics card into bits

I do apoligise for all my rage quits



I click a photo and it stops responding

I open a new tab, the screen is freezing

And now that I got my new win7 updates

It stops responding for no f***ing reason



HD 6870 served me well for a few years

Now it brings me nothing but tears

I think its time to say goodbye for this card is neglected

Never want to read again, "Cable not connected"