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Black Screen while gaming leads to Radeon Setting App crash

Question asked by dr.gamersn on Apr 24, 2017

Hi, I've bought a brand new computer with an AMD 480 this month. I decided to play my favorite game Diablo 3 on the computer.
Here the irritating problem. Whenever I play the game an hour or so into playing the display will go black 3-4 seconds. I then figured out that the Radeon Settings App is crashing also and seems to be causing these black screen hangs when playing. Ive update the drivers, tested my GPU in furmark, looked at the forums here and tried messing with some in-game options. Nothing has worked and has frustrated me to the point of wanting to return the whole damn computer.

So, if any one has any ideas how to solve this or get me on the right track this would be appreciated as this is my first AMD purchase and I'm extremely disappointed and unhappy.