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    Ubuntu Driver


      As, is working now. But

      • I have tried to install amdgpu-pro-17.10-410326.tar.xz on Kubuntu 17.04 and it doesn't work.
      • But it works on Kubuntu 16.10


      Now, I think the main problem is Linux Kernel. amdgpu-pro-17.10-410326.tar.xz only works on Kernel 4.8.x, but not on Kernel 4.10


      And one more thing, AMD Pro driver is necessary for

      • Blender GPU rendering
      • Installing and Running Games from Steam


      Default opensource drivers are not enough

        • Re: Driver download link doesn't work for Ubuntu Driver

          Strange, I downloaded amdgpu-pro-17.10-410326.tar.xz 2 days ago and no problem to unpack it with tar xf. You can use the default linux stock drivers and include OpenCL libraries at run time. See my other posts.

          • Re: Ubuntu Driver

            I could not download the complete driver on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS no matter how many times I clicked the link. The first time I clicked the download link on Windows 10 it gave me the complete driver, but every time I'd click it after that it would give me the incomplete driver. Incomplete driver is ~26MB and complete driver is ~120MB. The 120MB one unpacked and installed fine on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

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              AMDGPU-PRO proprietary driver needed! Open driver 'amdgpu' does not support shaders of modern games, artefacts appears, or just blank screen or big black areas drawn.


              There are two repositories with drivers: oibaf and padoka. Both repos provided a one version of driver (compiled with different libraries) - mesa 17.2.0. This driver have a 3.0 shaders model. Shaders of more modern version are unsupported, or works with errors (big black areas instead images).


              I have attemt to install all versions of amdgpu-pro driver released from AMD but it's all doesn't work on {x}{k}ubuntu 17.04 - computer hangs up after reboot, and remains only to deinstall amdgpu-pro driver in recovery mode.


              No any news about new versions of amdgpu-pro driver?