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AMD's lack of support for linux platform

Question asked by alex1010 on Apr 23, 2017

It is regrettable how AMD does not care about who has always honored it, I use the linux platform ubuntu 17.04 and since version 16.10 it is no longer possible to update the original AMD driver of the HD7970 cards simply because AMD no longer makes the drivers available, And as I work with graphical editing of videos, it makes me very lack of these drivers. I will have to buy another video card, and certainly will not be the AMD cards, from now on I will only buy the competitor NVIDIA, at least they respect their customers always updating the drivers of their cards. And I certainly will not recommend anyone else to buy AMD cards anymore. So I want to tell AMD that you just lost one more customer, keep it up, because every day will be less a potential customer to buy from your graphics cards.