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Control center?

Question asked by sirrudi on Apr 24, 2017
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Hi, updated from 16.11.5 to the latest version using the AMD program itself, did the clean install option, checked all boxes on the personalized installation, but where's the amd control center application now? Where I used to check for updates and apply tweaks to games, change video profiles etc.


Also MSI afterburner fan system stopped working and temperature wasn't showing anymore, but I updated it to the latest version 4.3.0 and it's working ok now. And I want to keep it that way, don't want my graphics card fans stopped.




I'm doing the manual download from the amd website now..  the Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.3 and AMD minimal setup.



AMD Radeon R9 380


Windows 10 x64bits

17.10.1711-170410a (Driver version)

VX248 & SAMTRON (Dual monitor)


Intel Core i5 4460

Corsair Modular CX-850W M 80+ Bronze

16gb DDR3


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