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AMD/AMD Switchable Graphics not activating dedicated graphics

Question asked by geejay on Apr 24, 2017

Hi All,


I recently purchased a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 5565) with AMD R5 M435 / R8 M445DX switchable graphics. For some reason, the R8 is not activating when playing games.


I have been through the relevant switchable graphics guides, tried Windows, manufacturer and AMD-direct drivers, fiddled with Radeon/Crossfire Settings, etc. all with no success.


I requested help through the Creative Assembly Total War forums regarding a specific AMD-supported game, Total War: Warhammer. After several suggestions and reports, the Support representative, CA_Lewis_Rowe, was unable to find a solution. See the thread for detailed information, including benchmark results and software settings, here:


I updated to the most recent drivers, dated 10/04/2017, but the problem still exists.


dxdiag attached.


I'd greatly appreciate help, as currently I can only use the integrated chipset.