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HP 355 G2

Question asked by fischer88 on Apr 23, 2017
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i have a little problem with my notebook and his graphic-cards. In my divice-manager two graphic-cards are listed:

Amd radeon(TM) r5 graphics and

Amd radeon r5 m200 series.


The first card is working without any problems, but the second is not.

amd konfiguration manager says, the crossfire bridge is not connected correctly.


I have already downloaded the actually driver software and software manager, but nothing i have tried has worked


My system is a HP 355 G2 with amd a8-6410 apu with amd radeon r5 graphics.

The second Graphic-card is an amd radeon r5 m200 series.


Maybe there is anybody who had the same problem fixed and can help me now.