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290x.....2000Mhz Memory Speed....Stable....Huh?  290x XFX 8Gb

Question asked by mrdman on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by doothe

Am I'm seeing thing or this memory I've overclock to 2000Mhz to be running Stable.  Gpuz shown it exactly 2000Mhz to be exactly 512 bandwidth speed and Crimson also stated it have 2000Mhz in the recording graph, btw it still stuck at certain speed.  This have happen after I decided to replace the thermal pad,  they were slimy for some reason plus to be way too soft and the vrm are cracking, I also found out the bottom ram memory wasn't touching my aluminum plate with the pad because of one missing screw behind the void sticker, how delightful on an 290x XFX 8gb.  But that beyond the point, the result were way better on cooling the VRM and now, it stay stable at 2000Mhz on a stock core or one strong overvoltrage run 1100Mhz Gpu Core because I need to see how well the thermal pad I brought and it keep up the jobs but heatsink plates isn't good enough.   However I've another hardware information called HiWiNFO64, on that it is saying it 1375Mhz to be the highest and I have yet to reported it bug or if it is a bug, but I'm very very confuse of how can this 290x be able to reach 2000Mhz safely.  I'm currently running on Driver on Crimson ReLive minunal setup on 17.4.3 Win7 Ultimate 64 bit.


I have place some example to show you I'm not even lying about this.  Is this normal?  I have try number of random memory clock speed from stock, 1500Mhz, and max at 2000Mhz when before I have the pads replace to have little increase in Fps, it never gotten pass 1525Mhz to crash no matter what until now.  Even try reinstalling the same Driver to have the same result as the first paragraph about HWiNFO64 is showing a stock memory clock speed to be stuck.  I forget to mention this is on a x79 Asus Pro i7 3960x Sandy Bridge and I need some help understand this.  I will soon try older driver to see any result change.