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Do Radeon Pro WX 5100 Drivers Provide Per Channel Calibration Capability?

Question asked by noelc on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by noelc

I'm looking to buy an updated workstation card and I need the equivalent of separate per-monitor, per-color channel manual calibration capability, an example of which is shown in the attached image.  It doesn't have to be exactly that; it could be table driven, but I have to be able to control it directly.


Does the Radeon Pro display driver for Windows 10 provide per-monitor, per-color channel calibration capability?  Ideally, if you actually HAVE one of these cards can you please post or point me to a screen grab showing the actual calibration functionality being presented by the driver?


Note that I do NOT want to know if a monitor can be calibrated and profiled using a colorimeter device. I have a very specific need for manual calibration capability through the driver itself.


Thank you!