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Crossfire not working after Creators update, and clockspeed issues under Anniversary update. Driver versions 17.4.1-17.7.2

Question asked by couchornament on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by couchornament

Ever since I updated to the Creators update for Windows 10, I have been having issues. All games flicker and stutter with a maximum of 5FPS in drivers newer than 17.3.3. Even the new WHQL drivers are having issues.


3x Asus R9 290X


MSI Mpower Max

16GB Ripjaws 1866Mhz

Windows 10 w/ Creators update.

Corsair AX1500w PSU


Edit: Also running in Eyefinity, 5760x1080.




All games are working fine on a single card (Crossfire disabled), but on two or three they just stutter. Rolling drivers back to 17.3.3 works, but Mass Effect Andromeda needs at least 17.4.2 to run Crossfire with any degree of decent scaling. I have tried turning off (and on) game mode, killing the windows DVR, killed all unneeded processes but with no success. Install was done from a clean install after using DDU.


Update: Turning Eyefinity off allows the programs to run at full framerate, but still full of flashing, scrolling of foreground images, and just general unplayablity. Eyefinity on causes the flashing, scrolling and super slow slideshow framerate, with artifacting on side screens. Running on a single card is fine and rolling back to 17.3.3 fixes all these issues, as does running without the Creators update. Sadly, something has happened and I am unable to roll back to a previous Windows. So, 17.3.3 is the only option.


Update: Did a full format and reinstall of the Anniversary Update version of Windows 10. The artifacting and 5-10fps problem is gone, but still having serious clock speed issues, running the ClockBlock program seems to help, but only just. Sitting on 17.3.3 and Anniversary update right now... Get it together AMD.


Update 6/22/2017. Still unable to run anything on newer drivers. Clock speeds do not stay at usable levels. WTH AMD.


Update 7/31/2017 Clock speeds and crossfire mostly fixed with 17.7.2, Dishonored 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Witcher 3 still acting up (crossfire not scaling correctly) and Gears of War 4 won't even start with this driver version. Still have artifacting and stuttering crossfire w/ eyefinity under Creators Update. Was going to be buying Vega, but looks like dual 1080ti's it is. This is way too damn long to fix an issue.


Update 8/9/2017 After finally playing around with the driver for a bit and rolling back to Anniversary update. I've noticed that every game is crashing in the exact same manner, GPU just dropping to 0 usage, while the game sound continues and the picture remains. Game based on Frostbite seem completely unplayable, crashing within seconds of starting up, other games have varying levels of time before crashing but all crash in exactly the same manner. Rolling back to 17.3.3 fixes all this crashing.


Update 8/13/2017 Spending some more time over the wet couple days playing with settings and hooks and it turns out the above issue of crashing was due to RTSS and not the drivers. Some games under Anniversary are still having issues with crossfire, but on the whole they're much better. The main issue with CREATORS still exists and as such won't mark this as answered.


Update 9/10/2017 Success!!! Finally it seems as if everything is good in the world of Eyefinity, Crossfire and Creators!!


Also attaching DXDIAG from 17.7.2 for both Creators and Anniversary.


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