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    Black Screen Error+Crash - RX 460



      Everytime i'm playing a game, from nothing, the monitor goes black, flash o the desktop, but the sounds and movements from the game are still in progress, without the video.Searched on the net, many people complaining about it, without a solution.

      With my old VGA (HD 5750 - RIP), got no problem.


      -> unistalled everything, etc

      -> formated the PC.

      -> installed the driver as the first driver of all

      -> problem still persist.


      Could anyone here help?


      i7 2600k

      8gb corsair vengeance+8gb hyperxfury

      azus p8z68-v pro

      evga 600b


      Fault bucket LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_atikmpag.sys, type 0

      Event Name: LiveKernelEvent

      Response: Not available

      Cab Id: 3c8dd518-ef29-40f7-8282-1998b46b609a



      Problem signature:

      P1: 141

      P2: ffff940ca1bf7220

      P3: fffff809c4ccf654

      P4: 0

      P5: 113c

      P6: 10_0_15063

      P7: 0_0

      P8: 256_1





      Attached files:









      These files may be available here:




      Analysis symbol:

      Rechecking for solution: 0

      Report Id: 9428b573-83a5-45d4-acc6-113d18ea9d53

      Report Status: 268435456

      Hashed bucket: