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Disable color change during video playback

Question asked by xentrax on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2017 by xentrax

For about 2 years, after some AMD driver update update, I am suffering form the following behavior.

I hope there is some Windows registry key that can help me.


The problem:


About 3-4s after I start video playback, the color of the video changes.

After I Alt-Tab back to Windows, it waits 3-4 seconds and then color returns back to normal.

I selected "Default" on the Video page of the Radeon Setting selected.

I even tried clean installation.




All dynamic color settings in the monitor are disabled, color profile for the monitor is obtained using Spyder3 and loaded assigned via Microsoft Windows Color settings (Administrator mode).


First time I encountered the problem, I had the "good" driver backed up, so I was able to revert to less smart driver.

But after some more time, I updated driver again, but backed up driver was already deleted.

And in any case, I want a recent driver but without automatic color management in video.