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    Disable color change during video playback


      For about 2 years, after some AMD driver update update, I am suffering form the following behavior.

      I hope there is some Windows registry key that can help me.


      The problem:


      About 3-4s after I start video playback, the color of the video changes.

      After I Alt-Tab back to Windows, it waits 3-4 seconds and then color returns back to normal.

      I selected "Default" on the Video page of the Radeon Setting selected.

      I even tried clean installation.


      HD 7870 (GIGABYTE GV-R787OC-2GD)


      All dynamic color settings in the monitor are disabled, color profile for the monitor is obtained using Spyder3 and loaded assigned via Microsoft Windows Color settings (Administrator mode).


      First time I encountered the problem, I had the "good" driver backed up, so I was able to revert to less smart driver.

      But after some more time, I updated driver again, but backed up driver was already deleted.

      And in any case, I want a recent driver but without automatic color management in video.