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100% fan on PC shutdown Sapphire RX480

Question asked by toxicthing on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by toxicthing

Hello guys,

I have a problem and it's very annoying. Every time I shut down my PC, gpu fans start to work at maximum speed. It's very annoying, and first time I thought my gpu got burned or something...

Anyway, is there a fix for this problem? I think that it's not very good for a card to do something like this every time I shut down my PC. I also undervolted my gpu, and it's working fine in games and benchmarks.


Rx480 8gb Sapphire edition

i5-6600k oc 4.4ghz

MSI Z170A Gaming M5

Corsair Rx750x 750w

1tb hdd

Coller Master evo 212x

AMD driver: 17.4.2