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Motherboard compatibility for new graphics card

Question asked by kerpowski on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by amdmatt

Hello all,


I am wanting to upgrade my graphics card but my motherboard is a bit dated and boots from bios rather then uefi. I went to my local staples and of the little selection I had to choose from I bought a gtx 1060 and this is how I found out about this problem. I couldn't get it to work Because of this reason.

Now I'm wanting to try this again but may have to order my card online so I need to make sure it will work with my computer. I'm hoping if you guys can tell me what gaming cards by AMD would work for me. Are the Radeon line of cards similar to nvidia in that the newer cards are for the newwer motherboards that boot from uefi and Not bios?


I hope I'm making sense. what cards can I buy for my PC for an upgrade And ensure it will work?


i have a hp h8-1020 pc

windows 10

amd Radeon hd 6570

intel core i7-2600s cpu 2.8 ghz


thanks or any info you can provide