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Rx 480 4GB - Problem whit Crimson 17.4.3 - 17.4.2 optional - 17.4.1 optional

Question asked by linodgv on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by greatestprateek

Good morning, I am a holder of the Gigabyte Rx480 4GB video card.
I have an annoying problem that has occurred with the latest April Crimson drivers. In practice, installing these drivers (for example, last 17.4.3) I no longer work with direct3d. Virtually, the card becomes unusable. The strange thing is that with old Crimson drivers, everything works perfectly. In fact, I had to reinstall the 17.3.3 drivers that did not give me any trouble. Why? Can anyone help me or did she have a similar problem?

I leave you my specifications of my pc:
Cpu: Intel Core i7

Video Card: Gigabyte Rx480 4GB

Ram:16Gb Ram

Operating System:Windows 7 64bit

I'm sorry if I made mistakes in English. I used Google Translate