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Regarding Processor architecture

Question asked by sujit81 on Apr 22, 2017



We are looking at procuring Oracle SE2 edition, but it has some limitations on hardware. It can run on max of two socket with no restriction on cores but on processor count.So, to get a fair idea of the parameters of processor, before we acquire hardware from AMD,I have few questions. There are my assumptions which may be wrong. Please correct them if they are wrong-


1. When we talk about sockets, its basically on the motherboard. My assumption is one socket can hold at the most one processor which in turn can have multiple cores on it. But when i google to get information, i found the link - AMD does an Italian job on Intel, unveils 32-core, 64-thread 'Naples' CPU • The Register which is 32 Naples core processor with total of two CPUs. So, as per my assumption as it is built on two socket , the max processor it can support is two and it turn the total cores should be 64. But in the link it says, total cores are 128. Please let me know where is my understanding going wrong.


2. When we say 2 threads per core, the number of OS threads that the processor can run at any time is 2 threads. So, if the total core is say 64 then the maximum number of threads that can execute is 128. Please correct me if I am wrong.


3. When we talk about processor frequency, say 2.4 GHz, Are the cores in it run at the same frequency as the processor or they are shared with the processor.


4. There are various other parameters of processors. Is there any knowledgebase article to understand from end user point of view to arrive at a informed decision rather than just from the cores count. It would be good if we can get processor architecture information like bus speed and cache.