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Windows 10 crashes and reboots with error 0x000000ea

Question asked by apuser on Apr 21, 2017

Hello,everyone! I've done a clean install of a Windows 10 Pro 64 bits and since then i've been having BSODs with the error 0x000000ea (Thread stuck in device driver).It Always happens when playing a modern game like GTA V for some time,doesn't occur if the computer is left idle for many hours.I tried everything suggested: uninstall,clean uninstalls,reboots,reverting drivers...none of that worked.I ran out of options here,i'm posting a link to the mindumps Windows saved from those erros so that someone can see them and figure something:!r0dknDbC!qRAr364G15e2SVKNuw3XfmhhuJhO-jzJK1KBYqOaNWE!ylllWTSb!CkpJXlckuB3bqVom_3OqfxnO8PNRD1bEhyeYF0Dj2Og

Here are my PC specs:
AMD A10 7860K 3,6GHz
ASRock FM2A55M-HD+ R2.0
8GB RAM (4+4) Dual Channel
HD Toshiba 1TB
Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits updated
Corsair CX-500W PSU

Any help would be much appreciated.I don't want to have to do a clean install again,everything is so new and the new Windows 10 updates and drivers really improved the vídeo quality.But one can't trust a faulty vídeo driver or whatever is causing this.Please help me!


Update: I did a clean uninstall of old AMD drivers using amd cleanup utility and installed the new Relive 17.4.3 driver 2 days ago.New crash/reboot occurred just now,here's the link for the minidump:



I'm all out of options.Please help me!