Directx 12 Chip..???

Discussion created by jaymc on Apr 21, 2017
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Hey guy's... I came across something last night in the design specs of the new xbox scorpio...


It has a Directx12 Chip between the CPU an the GPU.. Is this Dx12 in a chip.. It is supposed to take halve the rendering load off the CPU. Have you guy's heard of this before.. What's the story with this. Is Dx12 running in hardware as opposed to software ?


Anyway what is this Dx12 chip on the scorpio an can it be implemented on the PC ? The mind boggles...


I have tried googling this to no avail.. so far anyway.



Hello AMD an AMD fans alike this is my first post on this forum I think.. Well with this a/c anyway I may have had one many moons ago in a time far far away...