New use for Deep Learning AI: "Nightmare Machines"

Discussion created by black_zion on Apr 20, 2017

AI turns children’s books illustrations into nightmares  | Daily Mail Online


Once the AI had learned the defining characteristics of a specific artist, it transferred them to a new image that is sure to give children night terrors – it lit a smiling turtle on fire

the AI was mainly transferring color from one image to the next, which has suggested that color is the main feature that it learned to decipher between different patterns - although it set the girl on fire, it managed to transfer the colors


Or Tower Bridge


This AI-generated image of Tower Bridge in London was created with an 'Inferno' theme. The two main techniques used in the Nightmare Machine project, style transfer and generative adversarial networks, were published in papers last year


And let's not forget what Google did to Bob Ross...


Google has brought the late artist Bob Ross back to life, but as a monster-faced figure in a ‘nightmare’ world. An engineer filtered an episode of Ross’s PBS television show ‘The Joy of Painting’ through the artificial neural network DeepDream, which can ‘see’ objects and animals that are not really there