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Driver for both R7-240 and RX-550

Question asked by tugrul_512bit on Apr 20, 2017
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I have a R7-240 and there is a RX-550 on the way. Which drivers would I need?


1- Only RX-550 drivers enough for both cards?

2- Need R7-240 drivers installed first, then RX-550 drivers installed afterwards?

3- Need opposite order of option 2?

4- Continue with R7-240 drivers?


I'm asking this because I'm developing an open-source multi-gpu capable load balancer API for OpenCL kernels(in C#) and I will add some features to it when new card arrives.


Also there are other unrelated issues I'm having:


- my monitor is analogue VGA, RX550 has only digital output, so I'll have the display from R7-240 for some time(until I find an active HDMI-toVGA converter)

- I'll plug the new card to top pci-e slot which is 16x lanes and plug the R7-240 to pci-e 4x lanes in the bottom of mainboard. I don't know if  Gigabyte 990xa-ud3 can carry this combination or not. Because the pci-e 4x slot will be feeding the video output.


so there is an unrelated question: can RX550 somehow render game graphics(as usual) but instead of outputing the frames from DVI-D, any possibility of diverting it to R7-240(in he pcie-pcie connection) so this smaller card feeds the monitor?


My ultimate goal is to be able to see both cards in OpenCL platforms list and devices list to compute math in both of them at the same time. When I need gaming, I'll buy a converter and switch the cable to RX550 ofcourse. But now only OpenCL support for both cards is all I need.


Project page: Home · tugrul512bit/Cekirdekler Wiki · GitHub

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