Ryzen Hang and Crash - New Windows Stuck at 100% Disk

Discussion created by lukecyperlukecypert on Apr 20, 2017
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And here I thought building a Ryzen system would be easy.


Ryzen 1600x (Wraith Spire cooler, no RGB connected)

Gigabyte AB350M-HD3

Mushkin Enhanced Redline 32GB DDR4 2666  MRA4U266GHHF16GX2

256GB Corsair ForceLE SSD

500W Gold Plus PSA
All in a Thermaltake Core V21.


I have other components, but I'm trying to keep it clean til I fix the problems.



First I tried installing Windows 10 64bit home from an older disk I had. But I couldn't get the updates completed because the system would freeze totally and often give me the BSOD Clock Watchdog Timeout. I assumed that meant the chipset drivers were bad, but they weren't. I also updated my BIOS (which fixed the incorrect temperature readings) but it didn't help the crashing. I desided since I had the new BIOS, I would do a fresh install of Windows, this time with the latest Windows from the Media Creation Tool, but now Windows is running at 100% usage with only a small respite every half minute or so. During that break in disk usage I can use the computer, but only for 2 or so seconds. I tried to update the AHCI drivers, but Windows told me it didn't need them. I wanted to install the other motherboard drivers, but with the disk usage at 100% I just couldn't do anything. I don't know if the new Windows fixed the crashing, but cause the system was too slow to crash.


If the crashing returns, any idea what it is?


For the disk usage, any ideas of what to do? (I'm going to try installing the AHCI drivers as part of the Windows install process again)


Are all my issues driver related?