Pushing 4K 60Hz via AMD R9 280X?

Discussion created by jimmig on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by yoshimatsu414

I'm trying to get my PC to output at 4K 60Hz but I can only get 4K at 30HZ. 1080p is the highest that I can output at 60Hz. Here is the connection sequence:

Win 7 64bit

Sapphire R9 280X > Outputs to: Display Port 1.2 DP-to-HDMI 2.0 converter > Outputs to: HDMI 2.0 Cable to TV

I've tested the TV with another device via the same HDMI cable and achieved 4K and 60Hz (laptop with an Nvidia gpu).

AMD is reporting the following:


But Windows is only displaying:


Shouldn't I be able to push 4K @ 60Hz through the DP-to-HDMI 2.0 converter method?