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Can't overclock my 1700

Question asked by in7ca7 on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by kingfish

I was able to overclock my ryzen 1700 to 3.7 even 3.9 on air less than week ago now I can't even go past 3.1. The Pc doesn't crash I guess, after 2-3 mins in windows the monitor black screens and I have to restart.


This all started less than 2 hours ago. I was trying to copy a os on one drive on a different pc but the bios wouldn't let me boot from a usb. So I brought the drives over to my main pc. I was using this guide to do so ( it wouldn't let me boot into clonezilla on the usb so I gave up. I plugged in my drives and tried to boot and It would not. After clearing the CMOS it let me boot to the bios. All seemed fine until I tried to overclock. It lets me set my settings all to what they need to be to get a healthy 3.7 Oc, puts me into windows and then after 2-3 mins the screen heads to black. I have to then restart my pc. Sometimes it won't even load to bios and I have to reset my cmos again. I've flashed the latest bios too. Also restarting from my bios takes forever and sometimes wont even work. Is my motherboard screwed?


Tldr: tried to boot from a usb, messed something with my motherboard/bois. Have to reset it constantly. Can't overclock or my screen goes black but my pc stays


Ryzen 1700 On the latest driver, On a MSI B350 PC Mate with the bios version 7A34vA2. I have 16 GBs of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000Mhz Ram running at 2133Mhz. All on windows 10 with the latest service pack installed. Powered by a EVGA 750W Bronze Supernova with a r9 390 as my display adapter.