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FirePro W600 not displaying to sixth monitor

Question asked by tech.finch on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by ray_m

I have read several topics on this subject and done a lot of Googling today but I was hoping someone would have a good solution for me.


We have a PC with a FirePro W600 in our Security office that was installed 2 years ago by a security and access company. These monitors display our security cameras.They had this FirePro hooked up to 6 42 inch displays with passive mDP to HDMI cables. Everything was working great until one of the TVs died last week. A similar TV in terms of resolution/size/etc (but not brand) was purchased and hung in the office and I have gotten tasked with getting this all working again.


The new TV has been installed and Catalyst can see it but if you choose to enable it you receive a message that you must first disable another display.


Now from what I've been reading there should have been some active adapters used but if you had identical monitors it could work with all passive adapters. I've been reading various questions and forms online and have run across people saying that all displays must be identical and others saying that they don't have to be so I'm not sure what to believe on that topic now.


I have put an approved Active AMD eyefinity mDP to HDMI adapter on order with Amazon (with a new HDMI cable to run to that TV). Will using this active adapter allow me to enable this 6th TV now with the other passive adapters?. Or do I need to swap in more active adapters?


Or are we just kind of S.O.L and need to replace all TVs? I don't really want to have to go to the boss and tell him that we are going to need 5 more TVs.