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    HD 5770 NFS 2016 DirectX Error! I want to play nfs but this error. AMD please make last driver update for 5xxx and 6xxx GPUs with NFS fix



      i bought myself NFS 2016 but cannot play it of this error. dx11 device removed or driver crashed!

      I searched a lot, but there is no driver for this game.

      AMD, you're a good company! I ask from all hd 5xxx-6xxx community - please make the last driver update with nfs fix


      My system:

      Xeon E5440 @3,4 GHz LGA 771 to 775 mod

      Asus P5K

      Gigabyte HD5770 1GB/128bit/GDDR5

      440w PSU

      4x2gb (random manufacturers)

      seagate 320 gb sata 2 drive


      Please help.

      I spent my money on game so let me play it