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XFX RX 470 stuck @100% load when in Idle

Question asked by codehex on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2017 by karcyon

Hello everyone, i join you to try to resolve an isseue occours on my XFX RX 470 Triple X SIngle fan.

My sys specs are:

MB MSI 970 Gaming, updated with last bios.

CPU AMD FX-6300 @ default stock

2x4 Ram module 2 GB DDR3 1600 Crucial Ballistix Sport Hi profile (8 GB Total)

PSU Corsair TX 650 v2

2 HDD Hitachi 500 GB 7200 rpm

XFX RX 470 Triple X single Fan ( RX-470P4SFD5 )

Sysop Windows 10 Anniversary edition 64 bit


The problem:


After 5/6 min of power on, the VGA starts to auto power up clocks, from step 1 (300 mhz) to step 7 (1226 Mhz) in Idle. The power absorbed by GPU is about 60/70 W and the GPU reaches 100% load (with no apps runs).


I have investigate more on web and some users report a 100% GPU load when infected by a Virus type Bitcoin, so i have downoaded all stuff for hunt this "Virus" on my pc but i have found no infestations.


But when i have launched a software called JRT (from Malawarebytes) the problem is solved (temporarily). The GPU come back @0%, speeds clock 300 mhz and Wattage go down at 10/12 Watts in Idle.


In fact this software kill all apps and services not necessary and this include the AMD control panel that runs in background.



At this point I need your help to further investigate the process that causes this 100% GPU load.

But i suspect strongly the AMD control panel... In this case maybe not a virus but a bug of Crimson drivers.


Before you ask, yes i have tried all versions of Crimson, since 16.2 WHQL from Windows Update ,to the new 17.4.3 WHQL released some days ago and still running in my PC, without results.


And before you ask, Yes i have installed every version of Crimson after a clean up with DDU run in safe mode.


And before you ask, Yes i have try changed pci slot, i have try various configurations of PCI 6 pins power cable and in every configuration i have blue Led on and no issues with my PSU.


Maybe will try a fresh clean reinstall of drivers only, without Crimson pakage? Its possible? is yes, what is the procedure to make this installation?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me