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MG248Q - no HDCP no Asus Display Widget

Question asked by leknes on Apr 19, 2017



i have a problem with my 2 MG248Q display, which i bought this year.


First, i dont get HDCP rdy with them. In the driver Setting from AMD you can read that it is not activated, and after a test with the Cyberlink Software, it tells me the Displays are not rdy.


Here are my System


OS: Windows 7 64x

Graphiccard: Matrix-R9290x-P-4GD5

2x MG248Q

Both Displays are connected with DVI-D link cable (the cable from factory in the package from the displays)


I have also the Problem that the Asus Display Widget says my Displays are not supported, in the field where i can choose between display one and two stays MG248(modelnumber).



Im on the newest driver for my card (Crimson 17.4.3)


Can you help me with this problem?


Why no HDCP, Why the monitors are not recognized correctly?