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    Unable to upgrade to or even download 17.4.3


      Good afternoon,


      Today I tried upgrading to 17.4.3 to find I was unfortunately unable to successfully complete it. Whenever I tried to install it, I would always receive "Error 1603: A general error occurred". Having some previous experience in dealing with this error, I tried downloading the full version of the driver from the internet, but unfortunately, even that seemed to fail. Whenever my browser neared finishing the setup file, it would hang at ~1 second remaining and then fail. The minimal setup file, however, seemed to download fine.


      What's more frustrating is after a reboot, I find that not only am I seemingly missing a display driver (Speccy reads it as "ATI Basic Display Driver"), but I no longer have the AMD Crimson Settings software installed. The only drivers I have according to the AMD Software installer are AMD Problem Report Wizard 9.0, AMD Settings Branding 1.0, and HDMI Audio Driver 9.0. Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.


      Update: 5:50pm EST: Rolled back drivers to 17.4.1 and programs are thankfully usable again. Will remain here until a fix is found.


      AMD RX 480, Desktop

      Windows 8.1 64-bit

      Current Driver: 17.10.1711, "Partially Installed"

      Asus VS247 1920x1080 @64Hz, HDMI

      Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard

      AMD FX-6100 3.3GHz 6-Core OEM/Tray Processor

      Cooler Master i500 500W 80+ Bronze Certified

      8GB of RAM