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Flickering in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Question asked by dqpowered on Apr 19, 2017

Hello there,


I'm having some issues in CS:GO after the Crimson update. Everything was running well and it still is, but sometimes it looks like the drivers stop and restart. So for like 5-10 seconds I'm having FPS drops and artifacts, then the ,,Instant replay" pops up and everything works fine. It happens occasionally. Sometimes in first 5-10 minutes when I jump in the match or when I open up the STEAM overlay in-game. The game is running in 1280x720 streched and I've set the monitor to run at 75hz, it happens even when I have 2560x1440 on 60hz.

EDIT: After like 2 or more reboots I can't play CS:GO in stretched mod at 4:3. I need to have my GPU Scaling enabled and play 16:9.



Radeon R9 280x GAMING 3G


Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.4.2 (It's happening since the release of Crimson drivers)

HP x2301 (I'm using Virtual Super Resolution (2560x1440) 60hz through DVI)

ASUS M5A97 r2.0

FX 8320

CoolerMaster RS 700 ACAB D3 (700W)



If there's something you want, be free to ask, I will be happy to answer.. Hopefully this helped you a bit and you'll find the solution, for now thank you!

With regards, Dave