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    HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update


      Hello, my video card is no longer working after updating to 17.4.3 version of Catalyst driver suite.

      Here are the specifics of my system:


      • AMD Graphics Card
        • 3072MB ATI AMD HD 7970 Series (Gigabyte)
      • OS
        • Windows 7 64bit
      • Desktop
      • Driver version installed:
        • Radeon Crimson ReLive 17.4.3
      • Display Devices:
        • HP 2010 (1600x900@60Hz) connected directly to video card (DVI-I)
      • Motherboard
        • Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z77X-UD5H
      • CPU
        • Intel Core i5-3570K
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
        • Seasonic 650W Gold
      • RAM
        • 8GB


      I've been using this video card for about 4 years now and didn't have any issues with it until this update. After this update, the card is detected (by Radeon Settings, Windows System Information and Speccy) but any games I launch give me error messages along the line of "Failed to initialize graphics device" or "Unable to initialize video card".

      So far I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers with clean uninstall. Did this multiple times in regular and safe mode, used additional software to clean up the system before reinstalling (by using amd clean uninstall utility and DDU). I've verified my system in DirectX and used sfc /scannow to make sure.  I've disabled integrated graphics in BIOS and it is clearly not dead, but just unable to be used by games. Out of ideas what else I can try, please advise.

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          Revert back to 17.3.x. I have exactly the same problem as yours.

          Link to my thread -> Windows 10 Creators Update/R9 390/17.4.x troubles.

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            My English is not so good, Sorry about that


            HD7970 17.4.2 same problem can not working, too.


            os:windows 7 x64


            17.4.2 and 17.4.3 driver updating complete, no error and exclamation mark ,but media center and other online game can`t working 



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              I have the same issue on my XFX 280x 3GB. It's my third RMA replacement and this latest driver seems to have killed my card. My secondary monitor now has flashing artifact like scan lines that work their way up the screen whenever I move my mouse. Tried rolling back clean to multiple drivers through the Radeon Installer with no success. I'm getting Error 182. Installer cannot properly detect AMD graphics card. Running DDU and restarting in a moment. I love AMD's position and cause but I shouldn't have to go through all of this trouble to get my card to work properly. I have to disable all hw acceleration available just to be able to use the card for more than 5 minutes. Otherwise I get full on horizontal display artifacts on both screens and am forced to restart. I can't use windows apps because of this. Kinda feeling burned after 4 years of issues...

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                  Okay so I uninstalled my drivers and rebooted, I reinstalled the latest driver (minimal), skipped installing ReLive and uninstalled MSI Afterburner then rebooted. Went to the Radeon panel and reset my WattMan settings, rebooted and no longer have the crazy flickering and artifacts when I scroll.


                  When attempting to install the full driver package, my card was not detected. ANY GPU overclocking software besides WattMan seems to cause issues. I had multiple games tell me my card was removed/not detected prior to this so I'm retrying those games and will give an update later.

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                  I was just looking for 7970 / Crimson 17.4.4 driver issues when I found your post.
                  Have you had any response?


                  I don't know if there is an issue with the 17.4.3 driver or 17.4.4 driver which might cause cards to fail, or if it is just coincidence and our cards are just old and at the end of their lives. I  am pretty sure there are thermal shutdown circuits on the GPU chips at least. In any case here is what happened to me.


                  I have two 7970 based cards that I just tested.


                  Card 1 = Sapphire HD7970 OC 6GB VaporX here: SAPPHIRE Technology
                  Card 2 = Sapphire R9 280x OC 3GB VaporX TriX here: SAPPHIRE Technology


                  The HD 7970 OC 6GB card is now dead as far as I know. It is a special OC edition card with 6GB of memory and it cost me lots at the time of purchase.

                  The R9 280x seems to be working fine but I guess I had maybe better check it in more detail. 


                  I was trying to generate results for AMD Red Team Firestrike V2 page.

                  I quote my comments

                  "I am unable to supply HD7970 or HD7970/R9 280x crossfired results as my Sapphire HD 7970 OC 6GB GHz card will not POST anymore.

                  I see VGA_ERROR red LED on Z87 / Z97 motherboards.
                  The card was working fine on the machine I removed it from (another i7-4770K running Windows 8.1  and the last edition of AMD Crimson (non-ReLive)).

                  I tried to install it on the Windows 10 Creators Edition i7-4790K machine that already had R9-280x fitted for the result above (I just removed the
                  Nvidia 780TI card and Nvidia Drivers, and seated the HD7970 in the primary PCIe slot) . The AMD Crimson ReLive 17.4.4 drivers were already installed for the R9-280x result above.


                  I removed the HD7970 card and then tried to install it on another i7-4770K based machine, this time with Windows 8.1 and Crimson ReLive 17.4.4.
                  The card did manage to POST after a few initial attempts and reseating the GPU. I set a moderate GPU overclock I have run with many times before.
                  I managed to get 1/2 way through a Firestrike test before PC freeze. I then rebooted o.k. I removed all CPU and GPU Overclock. I ran pc checks. 
                  I managed to start Crysis 2 before fail, again PC freeze.


                  I removed and reinstalled the 17.4.4. drivers with only the HD7970 card in place.Removed all CPU and GPU Overclock.  Reloaded Crysis 2. This time the game played for around 20 seconds before I got a "coloured checkerboard" on the display. Audio Buzz. The card would not POST and the metal backplate was really hot to touch.


                  The HD7970 OC 6GB card was set up for use as an OPENCL engine recently, and for some programming. GPU temps were low. Not used for gaming tests since January 2017.


                  It might be total coincidence and bad luck but, I thought someone on this forum/thread might know...
                  Is it possible there is something wrong with the 17.4.4 drivers on HD7970 cards?


                  (1). Both the Asus Z87 Deluxe Dual / Z97 Deluxe (NFC&WLC) motherboard use AMI BIOS. The Z97 would not POST at all. The Z87 POSTs sometimes.

                  (2). I cannot find any documentation to tell me if the AMD Graphics Drivers themselves play any part in the AMI BIOS POST process.
                  (3). Has anyone out there checked that the voltages getting applied to HD7970 cards at boot up / when running 3D applications?


                  The Sapphire HD 7970 OC 6GB GHz card cost me a small fortune at the time of purchase, but it has served me well and the card is 3.5 years old.
                  It got ~ 2.5 years of heavy use.  I am pretty sure the card is out of Warranty, and I am not certain I could get it repaired.
                  However ... it did seem to be fine last time I used it. It will not POST in any machine I have here now.


                  If anyone knows of any way that might get the card going again please let me know.



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                      I couldn't figure it out. I did everything I could imagine, including restore. I bought a 1060 and haven't had an issue. Extremely disappointed in AMD for the lack of customer support on this issue. Won't be buying any of their cards anymore.

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                          Thanks for your reply.

                          By restore do you mean restore your entire Windows machine to a previous restore point?


                          As for the purchase of a GTX 1060, I own both AMD and Nvidia cards, admittedly my "most recent" Nvidia card was the GTX780Ti.

                          I am now using the GTX 780Ti as my primary card on this i7-4770K machine, with an RX280 as a secondary card.


                          I need the 6GB 7970 working as an OpenCL engine at least. as soon as possible or another new card now.


                          I came to the conclusion that for me and for what I need the cards for a new  RX580 or a good second hand R9 Nano would be a better bet than a GTX 1060.
                          Mostly because of OpenCL reasons.

                          I am also starting to investigate a new server / workstation build using Ryzen or similar processor.
                          I was waiting for Vega release.


                          I will have another try to get the 6GB 7970 working again but it would be good to get some input to see if anyone from AMD knows

                          if there is an HD7970 drivers issue with 17.4.3 or 17.4.4 or not. I will file an AMD Report Form and point to this thread. Did you do that?


                          I did get HD7970 card to run on Windows 8.1 with 17.4.4 drivers on Z87 Motherboard but only 1/2 way through 3DMark Firestrike tests, and two launches of Crysis 2 for around 20 seconds. The card ran really hot, suggesting that maybe for some reason higher than normal voltages were being applied to the card. I cannot understand why the HD7970 card would not allow reliable Z87 POST w/o VGA_Error. though. Z97 would not POST at all. I forgot to mention I made sure to check the GPU contacts, clean them,  and clean the PCIe connectors as well.

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                            I contacted the original seller of the Sapphire HD 7970 OVC 6GB Card, as the Sapphire Warranty tells me to do that... just to confirm what the Warranty was and to ask what I can do about getting the card repaired. .

                            I was pretty sure the card had ~ 2-3 year Warranty because it had cost so much at the time (6GB Memory then was lots, the card is specially designed to overclock, the cooler is 2.5 slots high. The metal backplate is an additional heatsink.  It runs Eyefinity and multi monitors, many outputs on the card and many high quality output adapters were included in the box).


                            It turns out the Warranty was only 2 years from the seller. The Warranty starts from date of the original purchase. So it was expired at end 2015.
                            They could not help me to get the card repaired, and suggested I contacted Sapphire directly which I have done / am doing now.

                            However, they did kindly refund me ~ 1/4 of the original cost of the card which was a really kind gesture to me. 
                            Legally they did not need to do that at all.


                            This will be enough for me to either put towards the cost of repairing the card or more likely towards the purchase a new RX580 8GB card
                            or another second hand / sale R9 Nano to replace the failed HD7970 OC 6GB VaporX card.


                            I am still pretty unhappy that my HD7970 OC 6GB VaporX card card has failed though. I was using it for OpenCL programming work.
                            The card itself is in "mint condition" with no physical marks/ scratches etc. I still have the original boxes etc.

                            I mostly ran it below the max GPU and Mem OC Clocks it could run with.


                            I will let you know what the response is from Sapphire Technology.
                            If they cannot help me and I am in the situation where I have a dead card which I cannot get help to repair it I will disassemble the card and take a
                            look to see if I can spot any obvious signs of damage.


                            Thanks again.

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                              I forgot to mention I did yet another round of uninstalling all GPU drivers, installing the HD7970 attempting to POST on Asus Z87 Deluxe/Dual.
                              It will not POST unless I only connect 8pins on LHS PCIe connectors and 6 of 8 pins on the RHS PCIe Connector.
                              I then connect the remaining 2 PCIe pins in the RHS PCIe connector.
                              The machine boots into Windows 8.1 o.k. but no video out from the card.
                              I attempted to install Crimson 16.11.5 and 17.4.4 both fail to see the HD7970.
                              SiSoft Sandra reports that an AMD Tahiti Card is attached to PCIe Slot 1 running at PCIe 3.0 x16.
                              If I scan for hardware changes in Device Manager (Run as Administrator), a new Graphics Device is found but it is reported as
                              "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter." with a yellow warning triangle next to it.
                              When I look at the Device Status I see the following.
                              "This device is not working properly because windows cannot load the correct drivers for this device. (Code 31).
                              The driver trying to start is not the same as the driver for the POSTed display adapter."


                              Finally I powered down,  removed the HD7970 uninstalled all video drivers, reboot, ran amdcleanuputility, reboot.
                              I then powered down and fitted the R9 280x.

                              I then installed 16.11.5 drivers, reboot, powered down, rep[laced the R9 280x with the HD7970 with PCIe connectors fully connected (all 16 not 14 of 16).
                              Machine would not POST - VGA_ERROR.
                              I then only connected 14of 16 PCIe connectors.
                              Machine POST'ed.
                              Connected the remaining 2 connectors.
                              Logged into windows.
                              AMD Radeon Settings would not launch.

                              The HD7970 is not seen in Device Manager.

                              SiSoft Sandra reports that an AMD Tahiti Card is attached to PCIe Slot 1 running at PCIe 3.0 x16.

                              If I scan for hardware changes in Device Manager (Run as Administrator), a new Graphics Device is found but it is reported as

                              "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter." with a yellow warning triangle next to it.

                              When I look at the Device Status I see the following.

                              "This device is not working properly because windows cannot load the correct drivers for this device. (Code 31).

                              The driver trying to start is not the same as the driver for the POSTed display adapter."


                              I conclude that he HD7970 is failed and broken , possibly beyond repair.

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                                  Hello colesdav and others,


                                  I happened to come across to this thread when i was once again googling and trying to find out why 2 of my AMD GPU's probably died on me suddenly.


                                  I have two Sapphire AMD Radeon HD7970 6GB Vapor-X GHz Edition GPU's which i bought back in november 2012. I had them in Crossfire eventually, but i never much used them in Crossfire setting inside the games, because games started to flicker some. This was already when they were brand new, but the flickering was very minimal, but it bothered me enough not to much use crossfire in games. So basically i had two cards installed in the motherboard, but pretty much only used one of them. Oh, and the shop where i bought my computer had one of the graphics cards installed in wrong slot. Noticed that after quite long time ago when i had bought the computer.


                                  So anyhoo, 2 months ago from now (2017) or so (i cant remember anymore how long it was now) games started to flicker and all kinds of messed up graphical artifacts showed on screen when i was playing games. This didnt happen with all the games though. Only pretty much in games which used much of the GPU power to run them. So, i was able to play some games for quite awhile before i then started to get flickering and errors also just being in Windows 10. I tryed updating drivers (also beta ones), but that didnt help. I never even overclocked those GPU cards so i wasnt sure what the problem was... Then one day i couldnt even see the BIOS screen anymore when i started up the computer. Screen was all black, but i'm pretty sure Operating system loaded in the background just fine. Nothing was showing on the screen though.


                                  So, then i thought to switch the cards around and put them still in crossfire, but otherway round. If i recall right now that didnt help. Screen was all back still when i started up the computer. Basically next i tryed them both one by one in the first PCI-e slot, and the GPU card which was not much in use worked still. So, i thought ok... i guess that other GPU just died on me.


                                  I don't remember now that good when the 2nd card started to get same symptoms as the first one earlier. It wasn't right away though. I do remember it ran fine for sometime. Eventually that 2nd card died on me as well, so i was like great... both graphics cards broken. Not showing even BIOS screen or anything. No signal at all again.


                                  I did also try downgrading the GPU drivers while i was switching the cards back and forth, but that didnt help anything. I don't remember either after what version of the AMD's driver number it was when i started to see these flickerings and errors in games. I always uninstalled drivers properly with DDU after first uninstalling the driver in Windows 10. But downgrading the drivers didnt help. Flickering and errors were still there.


                                  I also checked temperature readings and maybe they were a bit high, because of dust in the case maybe. Difficult to tell. I did clean my computer from the inside when i started to look into "fixing" my computers graphics cards.


                                  Next i installed even older AMD GPU card. a HD6970 2GB. I also checked what driver version can be used to run it. It was a older driver which i downloaded and installed after i physically installed the card itself first. I can say that with this old card i installed lastly has been working just fine. Games ran slower though, but that is expected. I do get popup messages though, that i could update my GPU driver, but i haven't done that, because the driver i downloaded and installed is suppose to be the last driver which works with my old HD6970 card. So far the card has been running fine. No problems at all other than its a pretty weak card to use much longer.


                                  I guess those 2 cards are now completely dead and i guess i won't be trying them in my computer anymore. Not sure what caused them to break down. Was it drivers, heat, or they just didnt last this longer (almost 5 years). Funny though how they both broke down so suddenly.


                                  I'm going to buy a new GPU when i can afford one, but i'm not sure if i should go with AMD's card again or switch sides and get an Nvidia card.


                                  I just thought to share my "sad" stoy of losing two Sapphire AMD Radeon HD7970 6GB Vapor-X GHz Edition GPU's. Costed me quite a bit back then as well, but i have learned my lesson now. No more other than buying just one graphics card which is powerful enough and not too expensive. Sorry for the long and messy post, and also sorry for my english. English isn't my native spoken language.


                                  That's all. Bye!

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                                      RE: I'm going to buy a new GPU when i can afford one, but i'm not sure if i should go with AMD's card again or switch sides and get an Nvidia card.


                                      I am now running with GTX780Ti 3GB (Primary) and an R9 280x OC 3GB (Secondary) in this machine since my HD7970 OC 6GB card died.
                                      Here is my most recent experience running a single GTX780Ti with latest version of Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience and Drivers versus latest AMD Crimson ReLive and Plays.TV on the HD7970/R9280x/R9 Nano.




                                      (1). I much prefer AMD Crimson Relive User Interface.
                                      (2). Nvidia Control Panel looks really dated, but seems ~ as reliable as AMD Crimson ReLive for me.
                                      (3). I really do not like Nvidia GeForce Experience / ShadowPlay Interface.
                                      (4). You have to log in to Nvidia GeForce to use the ShadowPlay Interface. It takes lots of CPU at times, if I am trying to record and GeForce Experience decides to send data
                                      somewhere or run an update.
                                      (5). Nvidia GeForce Experience does have Automatic Game Setting Optimizations and it seems to be doing a bit more than the Game Optimization in the previously supported Raptr AMD Gaming Evolved.
                                      (6). Plays.TV has improved lots since AMD Crimson ReLive launch. However I mostly run with ReLive Recording and use Plays.TV as a backup recorder and also for video import, clip creation, adding captions / overlays and automated upload to Plays.TV or YouTube. Plays.TV can also be used with Nvidia GTX780Ti.
                                      (7). I think Crossfire DX11 Support has improved lots since RX480 release.
                                      (8). MultiGPU DX12 on AMD is running really well on some titles for me like Hitman and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I cannot comment on Nvidia SLI or MultiGPU today.


                                      (1). Single GTX780TI 3GB performs better than Single HD7970 OC 6GB Card for DX11  games that do not need more than 3GB VRAM in DX11 and where I am only running on single monitor at 1080p.
                                            Since that is the main use case for most people even today, I think the GTX780Ti is the better card for that use case.
                                      (2). HD7970 OC 6GB DX12 and Vulkan gets closer to the GTX780Ti performance in the games I tried out though. That was interesting. However still too few DX12 / Vulkan Titles around still.
                                      (3). Running the HD7970 OC 6GB and R9 280X OC 3GB Crossfire beats the single GTX780TI, on most of the Crossfire Titles I run and it works fine (otherwise I would not have bought them). 
                                      (4). The HD7970 OC 6GB runs on Triple Eyefinity 1080p Res and Ultra Textures  on a number of games at over 30FPS whereas the GTX780TI is totally crippled in those cases ... due to lack of memory.
                                      (5). Running Shadow of Mordor Ultra Texture Pack single monitor 1080p kills the GTX780TI 3GB performance whereas the HD7970 OC 6GB is fine.


                                      I am missing my HD7970OC 6GB / R9 280x Crossfire Setup which is why I would like to fix the card.
                                      I still think having two cards for Crossfire / MultiGPU  DX12 versus 1 card has it's advantages, all depending on price versus performance  of course.

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                                        Another point to respond to you regarding should I go with Nvidia or AMD for my next card.


                                        I was considering a GTX 1060 6GB as a replacement to my failed HD7970, but when I looked into it I decided to try to get an AMD RX 580.


                                        I think the RX 580 is slightly behind or shows similar performance to the GTX 1060 in DX11 titles now.
                                        I think the RX 580 outperforms the GTX1060 in DX12 / Vulkan.
                                        Th Nvidia RGTX 1060 cards use much less power than the AMD RX580 , however if the Power Consumption is a concern and you want to reduce it, turn on Chill in supported games. I think it works well on the games I tried it on, and I found it saved significant power.

                                        Also the RX 580 supports Crossfire DX11 on recent AAA titles very well and the GTX 1060 does not support SLI for DX11 at all. 
                                        So in future, GPU Miners go away, you might be able to get another RX580 to crossfire second hand for your DX11 titles.


                                        Read this:


                                        AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB Review - Tom's Hardware

                                        and this:


                                        As for going for a higher end AMD Vega Card I think we all need to wait for the RX Vega Benchmarks and Testing.

                                        I am really hoping they do well and bring some more competition and choice for us all.


                                        I am considering going for an Nvidia GTX1080/1080TI myself  however overall I am still hoping AMD Vega will be the winner in price/performance benchmarks versus the GTX1080 at least.



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                                          One more point I think.
                                          Nvidia Recently made lots of Noise about improving their DX12 Performance with the release of the 378.78 Driver.
                                          You can see some details here: Nvidia supercharges GeForce DirectX 12 performance with new Game Ready driver | PCWorld
                                          However I have just looked at another very recent RX580 review and it still looks like RX580 8GBoutperforms the GTX 1060 6GB n DX12, at least in the games in this review:  Gigabyte AORUS RX 580 XTR 8 GB Review | techPowerUp



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                                    I have filed an AMD Report Issue form AMD Issue Reporting Form
                                    and pointed to this thread.


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                                        Turn on GPU scaling if possible. Apparently thats the current workaround. Too bad I already got another card.

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                                            RE:I will let you know what the response is from Sapphire Technology.


                                            Their response is that my Sapphire HD 7970 OC 6GB card is beyond repair as far as they are concerned.
                                            They suggested I purchase a new Sapphire RX 580 8GB as they are much more affordable than the HD7970 OC 6GB card was ...


                                            I will strip the card down when I get the chance and see if there are any signs of damage, I may try to resolder the GPU.

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                                                I seen that you overclocked it. I'm just saying my opinion. I know its designed to overclock and everything with a better cooler and yada...


                                                The first Radeon Video card that I owned was a Radeon 7000 64 mb.

                                                I overclocked it and started to get purple animation on special effects.

                                                Yes the sucker was passively cooled and was not designed to be OC'd but ever since then I decided never to overclock a video card ever.


                                                I own a factory overclocked 1Ghz 7970. Not soon after they released Ghz editions.

                                                I believe they actually pick out better chips from what AMD supplies for the factory OC'd versions.


                                                Anyhow my point is... a high end video card is really expensive and to start overclocking them has risk attached. You are lucky to have gotten a refund.

                                                I have two 7970's they rarely heat up beyond 70 C with good case cooling and I feel like they should last a long time.


                                                I had them since January 2012. I had them for 5 years and 4 months.

                                                At onetime I had 3 7970's in tri-fire but it was producing an unacceptable amount of heat that would have caused these things to die sooner.

                                                I kindof wish I would have purchased two 6 GB 7970's (they were released later) as the 3 GB video ram is the limiting factor with many games now.


                                                Your not going to like that I am saying that overclocking is damaging the cards. Well, you may know how to overclock and monitor temps and yada.. do it safely and everything attached to safe overclocking. It still can damage the card or make it not last as long. I know you reverted your overclock. But that does not fix damage.


                                                My friend overclocks his video cards but he is doing under watercooling which is a whole different story over the fans that come with it.


                                                I intend on having my cards for another couple years and if they just stay at stock and last as long, I think something should be said about not overclocking and leaving them alone. In really advanced games, overclocking won't make them playable anyhow.

                                                I don't see video card overclocks as huge increases in performance either. I always see a huge air cooler that just helps the longevity of the card overclocking just reduces the longevity. In theory it makes sense to not overclock if you care about keeping it for a long time.

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                                                    These cards came pre-overclocked. And on top of that, the R9 200 series was literally overclocked versions of already overclocked 7000 series cards. I had to UNDERCLOCK to get my card to function. I had 3 RMAs, all with the same issues. The VRAM goes bad after not long. Totally not a user problem either. It was a very common issue that was never solved or compensated for.

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                                                      Thanks for your feedback. I am really glad your 7970 cards are still running. I hope they do last a long time. Can I ask if you are running them on AMD Crimson ReLive 17.4.4. driver and if so could you please double check the voltages applied to the cards please.


                                                      I definitely agree with you that overclocking cards incurs risk especially if you really overclock them in terms of increasing voltages or modifying VBIOS or operating cards outside temp - power ranges specified in drivers - by manufacturer. I did not do that though. 


                                                      I am lucky to get a partial refund because legally the seller is under no obligation to do anything for me. I did say it was really nice of them. The original Warranty was only 2 years. However I think they helped me out because the original Sapphire HD 7970 OC 6GB was dead on arrival and it took over a month for the replacement. Also this card was very expensive and has failed quite early I think.


                                                      I do not think the cause of the failure was overclocking. I understand overclocking can kill cards, this card was supposed to be designed to allow for it. I think the OC in the name and the OC ranges set and tested in reviews promoted by Sapphire suggested that.This card does have specially selected 7970 GPU for overclocking. I thought I was being careful and I did not run with additional  overclock day to day. The cooler is massive and the card takes 2.5 slots. The Card ran at 1100 MHz on GPU and 1500MHz on VRAM out of the box with Boost Button applied for most of its life.


                                                      The only times I really used to Overclock was for Firestrike Tests I ran the card at up to 1150MHZ (4.5%) and 1580MHz (5.5%) on the VRAM. No Graphical Corruption seen. GPU temps were in 70 to 75 °C. range Power target was set to 120% and fans set to maximum. I have a really well ventilated and cooled case. I never overvolted the card at all or editted VBIOS. So really I think I have been quite careful.


                                                      The maximum temp the GPU ever hit in its life as far as I know was just under 90°C during a test of a Crimson Driver which was allowing fans to be turned off completely.  When the GPU temp hit around 89 to 90°C the fans automatically kicked in to maximum speed to cool the GPU down anyhow. That test was done twice in the cards life, many years ago. 

                                                      I did not normally run the card with overclock for normal day to day use. Overclocking the card maybe gets 2 to 3 FPS improvement anyhow.

                                                      Instead I bought an R9 280xOC 3GB TriX VaporX  in a Black Friday  sale and crossfired with it for better gaming performance.


                                                      For the vast majority of the cards use it ran at 1100 MHz on GPU and 1500MHz on VRAM out of the box with Boost Button applied.

                                                      The card was used for OpenCL work for past 6 months running on AMD Crimson 16.11.5.


                                                      Maybe those Sapphire HD7970 OC 6GB cards were just not reliable or maybe I was just unlucky and got a bad batch of cards- GPUs. 
                                                      Perhaps, since the card died when I upgrated to the Crimson 17.4.4. driver from 16.11.5 then something might be wrong there

                                                      possibly with voltages applied to the card.  


                                                      If I learned any lessions from the purchase of the card it would be.

                                                      1. Never buy a 2.5 slot card again. Either 1 slot or 2 slot.
                                                      2. Never spend lots of money on a special OC version of a top end card again. The card will likely be outperformed by a standard version of the next gen card within a year anyhow.

                                                      3. The 6GB of VRAM was overkill at the time but did seem to help with Triple Eyefinity 1080p display performance versus 3GB R9 280x.
                                                      Only game I saw where 3GB was really killing performance was Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor Ultra Texture Pack.
                                                      Likely more games today need 4GB storage or higher memory bandwidth or both.

                                                      I will soon find out what went wrong because I will be stripping the card down and attempting a repair soon.
                                                      I will let you know how I get on with that.



                                                        • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                          I know 3 GB Vram was overkill when I purchased it LOL

                                                          I was thinking of Shadow of Mordor Ultra Texture Pack when I wanted more than 3 GB

                                                          Many of the newer games that I want to run at 1440p yes just a tad more than 3 GB would be nice. 6 isn't that necessary yet.


                                                          I am still using 17.4.3 driver version. I haven't gone up to 14.4.4.... if I do this could be a reference for future if it is effecting voltages.


                                                          GPU Z is reading:

                                                          12V - 12.19

                                                          VDDC - .945

                                                          MVDDC - 1.602

                                                          VDDC Current - bounces around 7.3 to 7.8

                                                          VDDC Current In - .7 A

                                                          VDDC Current In .6 A



                                                          I just noticed it but I didn't think 650 Watts was sufficient for 7970 Crossfire.

                                                          Did a google search

                                                          Here is Guru3D's power supply recommendation: Radeon HD 7970 - On your average system the card requires you to have a 550 Watt power supply unit. Radeon HD 7970 Crossfire - On your average system the cards require you to have a 750 Watt power supply unit as minimum.Jan 8, 2012


                                                          They always overshoot the "minimum powersupply" but my 1200W Antec burnt out after 5 years of 2 7970's and some of the time 3 7970's.

                                                          I downgraded to a 1000W powersupply. It was on sale but is still a little overkill for what I got.


                                                          You know what... I recognized that I didn't need to buy 2 7970's right when they were released.

                                                          Its nice that I have identical cards for crossfire and that can prevent some problems. I'm so far behind in gaming. I am still playing Bioshock 1. The games that require crossfire are still waiting for me to play them. I am thinking of an upgrade but will wait it out for sure and get a deal on the cards instead of expensive launch price.


                                                          1) Never going with Tri-fire again. Crossfire sure... but Tri-fire? too much heat

                                                          2) In addition I build a computer for my nephew and he got a used R9 390 8 Gb and its fast and can find them for deals on ebay if you look hard-enough.

                                                          2a) As soon as I bought my 7970's I saw someone selling his used 7970's for cheap. His excuse was he forgot he needed to pay his mortgage. lol

                                                          3) No doubt. I could have held out for the GHZ edition saved money if I had more patience. I just wanted a 1 GHZ GPU and paid an unnecessary premium.

                                                • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                  This Video I found on Youtube is very similar to the way my HD7970 card failed. Radeon HD 7970 Complete Breakdown - YouTube.
                                                  Only addition I saw was PC Freeze plus "Red Screen of Death" plus Audio Buzz.

                                                  I am stripping the card down this weekend to take a look at what happened to it internally.
                                                  If I see no obvious signs of burnout or blown capacitors on the board
                                                  I will then heat the GPU and then try to reflow the GPU BGA connections using a high qulaity  Solder Flux and temperature controlled air solder re-flow gun.


                                                  I will post anything interesting I find.



                                                  • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update



                                                    Thanks for the reply. I started to attempt to repair my HD7970 OC 6GB card.

                                                    I am delayed in getting on with the repair because of other work.

                                                    I will take pictures of the card during the repair attempt and let you know what I find if anything.


                                                    I was lucky enough to get a partial refund for the HD7970 OC 6GB card but I cannot manage to get hold of a small form factor RX580 8GB.
                                                    Then I decided to wait to see what is happening with the RX Vega.



                                                    • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                      Hi ak_amduser


                                                      Also FYI:

                                                      campcreekdude, samiv


                                                      I just thought I would let you know that I managed to fix my HD 7970 OC 6GB Card.
                                                      It is now running fine on AMD Adrenalin 18.2.2.
                                                      I initially tried reflash the VBIOS from a Bootable USB Stick that did not help.
                                                      I had seen people putting their cards in the oven but I did not like the idea of that.
                                                      I decided to use an Amazon refund I received for the broken card to purchase equipment to try a Solder Reflow using a "home made" Solder Reflow station rather than buy a new card. The Sapphire HD 7970 OC 6GB Vapor-X is a rare card to find, and was one of the first 6GB gaming cards produced. I like the card and I thought attempting to fix it would be a learning experience.


                                                      You might want to try running a solder reflow to fix your cards.
                                                      I am pretty happy that it worked. It took me about 1 day to strip the card down, clean it, prep it for solder reflow and about 50 minutes for the reflow itself.

                                                      I spent another day running benchmarks and gaming performance test comparisons on the card versus the R9 280x.
                                                      The card is performing as expected compared to the R9 280x. Card Temperatures are O.K.


                                                      Note I have not tried to go back to run the HD7970 OC 6GB card with the AMD Crimson ReLive 17.4.3 driver to debug further, nor do I intend to.

                                                      I am just glad I managed to get my GPU working again.


                                                      Here is the HD7970 OC 6GB card running in Blender 2.78c along with 3 R9 Nanos and an R9 280x on BMW benchmark.



                                                      Note the memory bandwidth reported by Adrenalin for the card is correct, I have tested memory performance and it is fine.


                                                      If anyone knows where I could buy a new set of thermal pads for the card, and can recommend the best non conductive GPU  thermal compound that would be great. I would also like to try adding an AIO Cooler to the HD7970 OC 6GB card and if anyone knows of a modern one that would fit that would also be of interest to me.



                                                      • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                        Here is the repaired Sapphire HD7970 OC Vapor-X 6GB (the top card) running at ~ 100% activity.
                                                        The card on the bottom is a Sapphire R9 280x OC Vapor-X Tri-X 3GB, also running at ~ 100%.



                                                          • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                            Resolder Flow Station is basically using a Heat gun with solder or is there more to it?  I know when you "bake" a card you are basically heating the card in a oven to a temperature where the solder will melt and flow thus fixing any microscopic cracks in the solder joints or lines. Unfortunately, Heat is not a good thing for electronic parts. Tends to shorten their lifespan.


                                                            Using a Heat gun you can direct the heat to specific spots on the board while avoiding the more sensitive chips. When I attended a VCR Repair class many years ago, Some students who worked in a shop repairing VCRs mentioned about applying heat with a soldering gun to melt solder in a specific area of the board to repair any microscopic breaks in the solder on the PCB board. They called it, If I remember correctly, micro-solder surgery or something like that.


                                                            Just interested what your Resolder Flow Station consisted of and how much it cost to create.

                                                              • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                                I'd like to second @elstaci's request for some more details about your solder reflow work, colesdav. Is there anything specific I should avoiding aiming the heat at (on the mobile gpu in my case)?

                                                                  • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                                    Good Job.

                                                                    I would have just replaced the video card if it broke down lol.


                                                                    I think we probably spent same amount of $$$ comparable to GTX 1080 launch prices in the past on 7970's.

                                                                    I really long for the days when AMD was graphically competitive in high end (performance / price/ power consumption)


                                                                    They can still come out with a smashing video card with a successor to GCN in 2020.

                                                                    We will get some good use out of our 7970's atleast for 2 or more years lol. 

                                                                      • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update



                                                                        I fixed the GPU because it is a Sapphire HD 7970 OC 6GB Vapor-X card. I needed the 6GB of memory for some work I am doing.
                                                                        The card is still good for OpenCL and Blender 2.78c work.
                                                                        I have some photos of the PCB after  I stripped it down and cleaned it. It looks in very good condition.
                                                                        I am running the card over a mining adapter (PCIe2.0x1 slot - USB 3.0 -  PCIe x16 Graphics Adapter).
                                                                        In terms of gaming performance, I was running Rise of the Tomb Raider at 1080p Ultra settings today and the card was generating ~ 55 FPS.
                                                                        I am sure it could do even better in gaming if I ran it from a primary PCIe3.0x16  slot.


                                                                        RE: I really long for the days when AMD was graphically competitive in high end (performance / price/ power consumption)


                                                                        I think Vega 64 was hit by low HBM2 performance and it needs a more efficient manufacturing process.
                                                                        It looks like Vega11 on Ryzen Chips is performing really well as an iGPU on some games.
                                                                        Maybe we will see a Vega Desktop refresh this year.


                                                                        RE: We will get some good use out of our 7970's at least for 2 or more years lol.


                                                                        I think it shows how good 7970/R9 280x was that even today they are still good for 1080p gaming.

                                                                        I have found that a pair of HD7970 in Crossfire is comparable to a single R9 Nano on some supported titles.

                                                                        Unfortunately some applications do not support GCN 1.0 cards such as Blender 2.79 and ROCm.


                                                                        The only thing I  do not like about the Sapphire HD 7970 OC 6GB card is it is a 2.5 slot high card.
                                                                        That means it blocks a PCIe 2.0x1 port so it costs you a mining adapter connection for another GPU.
                                                                        There are MSI R9 280x and XFX R9 280x 2 slot high cards with 6GB of memory and if I could get one second hand cheaply enough I might purchase one.



                                                                      • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update



                                                                        This is the basic setup I used.


                                                                        Another view removing two set of house bricks and two sets of hobby hands.


                                                                        Some points.

                                                                        1. The GPU PCB was thoroughly cleaned using pure isopropyl alcohol, and  a citrus based TIM (Thermal Interface Material) cleaner was used to clean the top of the GPU. All GPU PCB thermal pads were removed from the PCB components. The board was left to dry at room temperature (20'C) for 12 hours after final cleaning steps.

                                                                        2. Temperature Controlled airflow 1 & 2. were used to heat above and below the GPU itself. I matched the temperatures. This prevents the GPU PCB from warping.
                                                                        3. I used a Temperature Monitoring Device to make sure the temps were correct rather than just rely on the Temperature readings on the Temperature Controlled Airflow.

                                                                        4. I used a small spirit level on the PCB to make sure the GPU PCB was completely flat in x and  z axis. This is important for a good reflow.
                                                                        5. I used Thermal Tape around the GPU on the top of the board with a small gap to protect SMD components surrounding the GPU from the Solder Reflow Compound.

                                                                        6. Temperature profile I used was to heat the GPU area above and below at  85'C for 20 minutes to:
                                                                        (a) Drive out any moisture/remaining isopropyl alcohol/ TIM (Thermal Interface Material) remover to avoid 'popcorning' of the GPU surface.
                                                                        (b). As a preheat step before application of Solder Reflow Compound around the interface between the GPU and the top of the PCB.
                                                                             I applied the Solder Reflow Compound after the 20 minute preheat. I used a small line of compound along the top four corners of the GPU.
                                                                             I then ramped the temperature up from 85'C to 250'C over the next 10 minutes.

                                                                            The compound melts quickly at around 150'C and gets sucked under the GPU where it gets to work.
                                                                             I then heated the GPU at 250'C for a further 20 minutes.

                                                                             Finally I let the GPU cool down naturally until it was down to about 30'C.
                                                                             As soon as the board was cold I removed thermal insulation tape from around the GPU (on the top of the PCB) and cleaned off any excess Solder Reflow Compound from the PCB using isopropyl alcohol. I also cleaned the top of the GPU with Citrus based TIM (Thermal Interface Material) Cleaner.

                                                                        7. The Metal Tray I used was a square oven baking tray. It did not cost much. I just wanted a clean metal base to catch anything that might fall off the bottom of the GPU area. Nothing fell off.
                                                                        8. I used a total of four sets of hobby hands. They are cheap to purchase. They have two sets of crocodile clips to hold the PCB. I used some thermal tape between the crocodile clips and the GPU PCB to protect the board from the teeth and pressure of the crocodile clips.


                                                                        Finally some safety advice.
                                                                        1. This work is best done in a workshop or at the very least a garage with a fume extractor and good ventilation. Do not do it in your house / near food preparation area.
                                                                        2. The Solder Reflow Compound I used is an industrial compound and it is toxic. You should use  protective gloves. Make sure you breathe fresh air and wear goggles.
                                                                        3.  The GPU PCB has been cleaned with alcohol ... and you heat it afterwards at 250'C. Obviously a potential fire hazard, so have a fire extinguisher nearby.
                                                                        4. Once you re-assemble your GPU it is best to run a moderate benchmark stress test on the GPU at high temperature in a well ventilated area for a while just in case any chemicals remain.


                                                                        Hopefully this is enough information to help.



                                                                        • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                                          Solder Reflow Compound used =
                                                                          CS-FLUX reballing Low viscosity liquid flux for BGA component rework reflow 10g . Ideal for VGA GPU repairs

                                                                          by CS LABS in Greece. It can be purchased on Amazon.com. It does not cost that much and arrived promptly.


                                                                          Hobby Hands I purchased are like this.


                                                                          The magnifying glass is removable.
                                                                          Toolzone Heavy Duty Helping Third Hand With Magnifyer

                                                                          Hot Air Flow ... something with a description  like this should do it

                                                                          "High Quality LCD Digital Temperature-controlled Electric Hot Air Gun Adjustable Heat IC SMD Welding Tools with Nozzle 2000W" 


                                                                          I used the following Electrical tape to protect the components around the GPU on the top of the PCB.

                                                                          30m*40mm Insulating Tape High Temperature  Polyimide Adhesive Tape for Electronic Industry


                                                                          Color: Amber
                                                                          Width: 40mm
                                                                          Total length: 30m.

                                                                          Tensile  ≥42N / 25mm
                                                                          Adhesion ≥26N / 25mm 
                                                                          Initial Adhesion 24#
                                                                          Permanent Adhesion 48H
                                                                          Short-term temperature

                                                                          260 °C

                                                                          Long-term temperature 300  °C




                                                                          • Goldfinger tape  has excellent electrical properties,no seepage tin and not residue
                                                                          • Special agent treatment, adhesion strength, tear after masking the surface without leaving traces.
                                                                          • High insulation, high temperature, low temperature,  low electrolysis, good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance


                                                                          The main purpose


                                                                          • Suitable for solder protection,Phone lithium battery manufacturing strapping
                                                                          • High-grade electrical insulation protection and lithium battery positive and negative fixation
                                                                          • Suitable for printed circuit board (PCB), SMT tin stove, masking during wave soldering finger
                                                                          • Mainly used in paint,sealing, footwear, packaging fixed, construction and decoration industries
                                                                          • Widely used as the electronics industry in transformers, motors, coils, capacitors and variable frequency power supply and other high temperature insulation winding


                                                                          That's it I think.



                                                                    • Re: HD7970 not working after 17.4.3 update

                                                                      did you tried unistalling drivers with latest DDU in safe-mode?


                                                                      also - make sure GPU is working


                                                                      btw there is no reason a GCN 1 GPU not to work with latest Drivers