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    Upgrading to new RX580 Question


      Hello, i currently have 2 Crossfired RX480's in my computer but i want to upgrade to the new RX580 that released today, Would it work if i take out one of my 480's an replaced it with 1 RX 580 and a RX 480 Running Crossfire?

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          Don't do it, the RX 580 is a slightly higher clocked RX 480, it is not a Vega based card, and results in negligible performance gain.



          Relative to the RX 480 and RX 470 then, the performance gains we’re seeing with the RX 580 and RX 570 are nothing spectacular, but then AMD has kept their promises similarly small. In practice this means that the RX 580 is only averaging 3% faster than the RX 480 it replaces in AMD’s product stack, while the RX 570 looks better, picking up 7% over the RX 470. Based on these numbers, I feel it’s fair to say that while both cards are faster than their earlier incarnations, I wouldn’t fault anyone for lumping the two generations of cards together. The small gains don’t enable the newer RX 500 cards to do anything the RX 400 cards couldn’t always do; though even a few percent can make all the difference in a game right on the bubble of sustaining 60fps.

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              Im getting the Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8gb which has a 1400+Mhz a much better upgrade from a standard RX480, all im asking if i put my old RX480 as a slave and the new RX 580 as the main card will it run without issues?



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                  It should work just fine, because it's the same chip, but the 580 will likely work slower than it can to match lower 480s clock speeds.

                  I also believe it's a waste of money to swap two 480 for two 580, or for 1 580.

                  Be also warned that 580s can draw significantly more power, so when you need two, you might need a stronger PSU.


                  I honestly wish they named them 475 and 485 instead of 500s. People wouldn't be as butthurt about 15% improvements (which is a lot, but not enough to upgrade)