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Can anyone help me? Laptop starts acting up after uninstallation of display drivers

Question asked by dilan9112 on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by ray_m

I don't know much about inner workings of system but I tried to install some drivers and mess up instead

Just recently I found out my laptop happened to have a graphics card

AMD Radeon HD 7450M

Dell Inspiron 14R N4110

I wanted to try playing some games but I didn't know how to "access" the graphics card, so after looking at some instructions online I got drivers

I needed but kept freezing at the start of the installation. Further research told me to do a clean uninstall of drivers and reinstall the latest.

I used the Catalyst uninstalling tool and then something happened and the laptop rebooted afterwards.

Problem started here where all the icons and windows are much larger than normal. The taskbar has a bright look to it and it very difficult to use in

this condition. I went to the laptop manufacturers site and got all the newest drivers again for the BIOS and graphics card but the system still

recognizes it as "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" and the "zoom in" status in still the same.

I have no idea what to do from here.

Also some screenshots to show what it's like.