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Recommendation for photography--image processing

Question asked by nantucketbob on Apr 17, 2017
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My DLSR makes almost 40 Mb Raw image files and large MP4 files.  I routinely upload a few dozen images and videos from an SD card.  I edit the images in PhotoShop and Lightroom CC, and do some simple editing of the videos (cut and paste, mostly cutting to make the file smaller.) I backup twice every day.   I want to build a new computer.  I want the fastest "Maximum PC" for this job, but no more.  Suggestions for the CPU and motherboard?  My computer is 6 years old and a lot has changed, and I am beginning to catch up.  I would consider overclocking if it were recommended, but I have never done it.  I need a fast USB card reader, also. 


For those interested, I will get a fast SSD for a C: drive for programs only. I use two hard drives for data, one for music and docs, and the second 2T drive for images (my current 1T drive is getting full.).  I would like two backup drives in the case, one for each of the data drives, for a total of 5 drives.  (I have external USB backup drives, also.)  My two current computers use Cooler Master Centurian cases, and I could use one of them for the new build, but I am open to suggestions. 


This is my first post so I hope it is appropriate.  I have built four computers, all with AMD CPUs.