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My new rig name choice

Question asked by mjpbmp on Apr 17, 2017
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Previous Names


I started out with "Ryzen Dreadnought" as the name and then changed that fairly recently to "Green Fury."  I picked this name against the other leading contending name of "Green Envy."  Green Envy I still like so much because if I can get a video card that is the envy of the Green team--what a fit!  So, maybe a future build.  I am abandoning Green Fury as my name because it sounds so much like a name I would come up with if I were outfitting the video cards from NVidia.  Green Envy, though, can still fit for a future build and I may still use that name.


My search was back on and I came up with:  System MP:  Mondo Pagoda


The reason for the name


I wanted to find some terms that fit well with the code name of the architecture so this was the basis of my search.  Most of the other names I came up with fit so well with the theme colors of Intel and NVidia.  I have owned and used products from both, as well as AMD, so I am not a sycophant loyalist to any one.  I want the most powerful computer that I can afford.


Names I thought about drove me back to the name choices of the graphics card architecture names based upon stars.  When I built the case for "Green Fury" I really liked the schema's of colors that the system offered.  Blue/green and Red/Blue/Green.  I toyed with names but, again, names kept fitting an Intel/NVidia system instead of a Ryzen and Vega build.


So, I started looking at blue giant star names.  Nothing stuck that I liked.  What about just calling it Blue Giant?  Still leads to a connotation of an Intel based system.  Red Giant star name schema's would be awesome so I leave that to you all to explore and use as names.  I may "ReLive" (pun intended) that name schema later.


Therefore, I chose the word mondo to represent my Ryzen processor because the word means a question in which a fast response is desired, and the speed of the answer is often illuminating.  What a perfect fit for the new very fast Ryzen processor and Zen architecture--and the word zen itself.  Then I needed a word to describe the case the processor will be housed.  I searched on different terms for sanctuary and saw pagoda which means a temple or sacred building.  So, there you have the history of my search for the name of my Ryzen build.


It is not the greatest name out there, but it is meaningful to me.  Plus, the last thing I thought of was that these words have as their first letters the same as my first and last name.  That just happened by chance, but I like it.  I can also call it in short by any of the terms:; MP, Mondo, Pagoda, etc.  Any combination I favor at the time.  For System MP, this is MP.  Peace out!  (My twitch user name is Lordbandeye).


What do you think?