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ReLive installation not asked during driver installation

Question asked by sblat on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by amdmatt

We used this: AMD Clean Uninstall Utility  not DDU. Now working fine and asked to install it or not.

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I'm wrtiting here because one of my friend has a problem with relive. I told him install relive and maybe it would be better for use with his old system than OBS. He is changing his comp this year. (Got PSU and VGA now, sent him a better but really old E8400 until he can buy a new CPU,Mobo,Ram)So his problem is he said he used DDU to uninstall, installed 17.2.1 (which I'm using now), and he says during installation he didn't have anything related to Relive. After installation finished radeon didn't asked him he wants to install relive or not, just got a message to reboot, and the driver is working fine, but no relive in it.

What can cause this problem? I listed his specs as far as I can.


Describe your system:

  • AMD Graphics Card : Asus RX 480 Dual
  • Desktop or Laptop System : Desktop

     Operating System :  Win 10 64 bit

  • Driver version installed : 17.2.1
  • Display Device: Samsung (???) TV
  • Motherboard : ASUS p5kpl-am
  • CPU/APU: Now E5200, but I expect he will get my RAM + CPU soon which I sent him last week. So he will use an E8400 for a short period of time until new CPU. (and mobo, and ram)
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage : Cooler Master 600 W
  • RAM: Now 3 GB soon 4 GB until new PC. (Which we plan with 8 gig for now...)

    Thanks for the answers in advance