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Does clEnqueueMigrateMemObjects use pci-e to pci-e connection?

Question asked by tugrul_512bit on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by tugrul_512bit

I'm developing an open-source API that uses multiple OpenCL devices to compute kernels, adding features like pipelining and load balancing, but now I need to add a device-to-device pipeline such that a GPU will send data to another GPU without touching  system RAM, only through inter-pci-e connection. What is the OpenCL API command for that? I guess this command




should have that but its documentation in Khronos site doesn't tell anything about it.


Details about my project:


wiki: Home · tugrul512bit/Cekirdekler Wiki · GitHub



tutorial: Easy OpenCL Multiple Device Load Balancing and Pipelining For C#: Cekirdekler API - CodeProject


thank you for your time.