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    no cross fire option


        I just bought 3 RX480 STRIX cards but only 1 is running my monitors. I can see all three in my CCC and GPU Tweak. it shows Cross fire is off but I have no option to turn it back on. I can move my monitors to any of the 3 and each works fine. in GPU Tweak I can see the card that has the monitors hook to it run normal and the remaining 2 have no activity. I have removed the drivers with DDU several times, ive run old drivers. and either I get errors or they do the same. at this moment I went back tot he current driver update 17.2 and get the 1603 Error. I just want my cross fire back please help.

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            I'm sorry,

            I have an ASUS Maximus IV extreme z board

            32 gb corsair RAM

            I7 sand bridge processor liquid cooled

            X3 RX 480 Strix graphics cards

            1200w PSU.

            It's on Windows 7 at this time. My Internet connection is deathly slow so I will have to take it to my mother's house in orderived to DL Windows 10 and updates (sad I know)

            I was running 3 HD 7970 cards crossfire no issue. But when I did a clean install and updated for the new cards Crimson software shows them all but doesn't have the crossfire toggle. I've removed the sofare using DDU several time's and each time I have no way to enable crossfire. Even with older crimson versions. I have not tried the old CCC yet. I may wipe the system and reinstall windows 10 but because I live in the woods it's so time consuming to go somewhere and use their Net all day haha.