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    Freesync Fullscreen causes periodic monitor flickering


      I experience the following bug:


      The screen starts flickering when I use freesync in a fullscreen application on my Samsung CFG70 screen.

      How it looks like:

      About every 1 second, the screen becomes a little brighter for a short moment, then goes back to normal.

      It is very annoying and gives me a headache. It makes me think something is wrong with my eyes.

      You might not see it instantly, but as soon as you know it's there, it's impossible to ignore.

      I have to switch to borderless fullscreen because the flickering is so bad.



      Monitor set on "Ultimate Freesync": Bright flicker every 1 second

      Monitor set on "Standard Freesync" Less bright flicker every 1 second

      Monitor set on "Freesync: Off" No flicker, but no freesync.


      Game set to fullscreen: Flickers

      Game set to borderless or window: No flicker

      Desktop and programs: No flicker


      Game: It happens in all fullscreen games I have tried. For example League of Legends (very noticable), Rocket League (hard to notice), Stellaris.


      Happens equally on driver 17.4.2, 17.4.1, 17.3.1 (probably all others too, I only tried these)


      RX 480 stock version

      Samsung 24" CFG70 connected via DisplayPort

      Dual monitor setup

      Windows 7 SP1