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    RadeonProDuo Drivers issue since 17.3.*


      Hello everyone,

      I have some issue with the latest drivers for the RadeonProDuo, since the 17.3.* I have some drivers crashed like twice a day, windows10 is able to recover the driver, but it is kind of anoying.

      And yesterday, 2 days after Creators Update from Microsoft, got 2 "normal crash" then Blue Screen(i took a photo).

      I rolled back to the last whql drivers (17.2) they seems more stable.

      This solution is, let say, ok, but this card is still the high end AMD graphic card, and it is sad to see it perform like this ...

      Does anyone got the same problem and find an other solution ?

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            HP - Z820

            Processor: 2 x Intel® Xeon™ E5-2665

            Graphics: AMD Sapphire Radeon Pro Duo 8Gb HBM

            RAM: 64GB DDR3L SDRAM

            HDD: Hybrid 300 GB SSD Intel + 960 GB SSD Sandisk + 4 TB HDD

            OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit


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                I'm using 2x Radeon Pro Duos myself.


                Have you tried a clean install, using DDU to remove your current driver and then updating to Crimson 17.4.3 which we released a couple of days ago?


                I recommend unlocking Wattman and setting the Power Limit to +50% for both GPUs.

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                    I'm always doing clean install of the drivers, we never know.

                    Yes i switch to 17.4.3 (the latest whql), and put the power limit to +50%, I keep you in touch about crashing

                    Thanks for the help

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                      Hello, after few tests, when I run full calculation, no crashes, but one specific game continu to crash, Ark Survival Evolved, I guess they messed up some stuff inside the game, Thanks for the Help

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                        Hello again,

                        new news, I made it crash again and i can reproduce it, so i m happy.

                        As I dont like my gpu to be too hot, I have put (in wattman) a limit at 60°C for both GPUs, and I underline BOTH because as you know, the fan parameter are control by the first gpu and not the second one. And a second important point is that the temp of both GPUs are not the same, and I guess you found where I m going.

                        If the temp of the 2nd gpu reach 60°C it goes directly in safe temp mode, but the 1rst one is still at max, and when this happend you can see your system becoming unstable, screens not refreshing, becoming black or green and then crash and reboot and pci-e bug at starting of bios.

                        I was able to reproduce this bug this weekend, not idea how to send it to the AMD dev, maybe someone will read it here .

                        Have a good day

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                            It sounds like your combination of settings is causing the instability.


                            Can you provide some clearer examples of what settings you are using for each GPU, perhaps some screenshots? If you have lowered the target temperatures then i suspect that one of the GPUs cannot maintain that temperature and then the clock speed and voltage will start fluctuating to try and maintain that temperature. This could cause instability as some applications don't like this level of fluctuation, but we can avoid this by tweaking your settings.