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    Crossfire R7 265 doesn't work with Crimson, but it's ok with Catalyst


      I tested CrossFire with R7 265 on drivers Crimson 14.7.1 and others versions and it didn't work. I had crashes all games, freezing OS with black screen, etc.

      Then I installed AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 and it's ok.

      So, maybe anyone AMD's programmer will see this topic and fix this problem. I hope, but not sure.



      Asus R7 265, HIS R7 265


      Windows 10 x64

      Catalyst 15.7.1

      LG L227WT, 1680x1050, 60 Hz, DVI

      Asus Z87-A


      Aerocool Strike-X 600W

      Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4 Gb 1866 MHz


      I just install second video card with any versions Crimson drivers and I have a problem. OS often freezing with black window, but if it isn't freezing then neither games not runs. But with the Catalyst drivers it's ok. That would not be a problem, but Windows every time updates the drivers.